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Holland Hexagon: Personality type for career choices

The Holland hexagon
Image via Wikipedia

I am an AIS or AES~ Artistic, Investigative/Enterprising and Sociable. How fun!

Read about the Holland Hexagon here, and then explore the links to take the test (or a variation of) yourself. Enjoy :-)

  • Realistic – practical, physical, hands-on, tool-oriented
  • Investigative – analytical, intellectual, scientific, explorative
  • Artistic – creative, original, independent, chaotic
  • Social – cooperative, supporting, helping, healing/nurturing
  • Enterprising – competitive environments, leadership, persuading
  • Conventional – detail-oriented, organizing, clerical

Take the Quiz here

Figure 1. A Holland Hexagon (RIASEC) (

The Holland Codes are a theory of personality types with regards to career choices. John L. Holland believed that one’s choice of carer is a reflection of one’s personality (  Using a 6 factor model, Holland developed personality types to describe the person and their work environments. Thus, an interpretive structure can be used for surveys, interviews and narrative analysis. Holland has published two personality tests; The Vocational Preference Inventory and the Self Directed Search. The USA government currently uses Holland’s personality typology to categorize career interests.

Personality in this model is considered to be multi-faceted; that is, a person is not assumed to have just one type of personality, or that globally, people can be divided into 6 neat categories. Rather, a respondent ranks in descending order their preference of each vocational interest ( Up to 720 different personality types can be described using this model. Usually, it is the top three interests that are used to guide career choices. The 6 personality and environment types are represented by a hexagon; the closer the distance between corners of the hexagon, the higher the correlation.

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