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Summer Sunday!~ How to not study

The tropical scenery in northern Queensland ci...
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Well, summer has returned to tropical Cairns in Australia. Yes, that temperature is now 29 degrees Celsius instead of around 21  ~:-)  At least, it will be later today. For now it is 6:20am and I have on my wool boots and a jumper. Truly, I am a tropical frog

Today’s adventuring will be a morning ride (around 8:30am) to visit my ex-foster son and his family. Appears they will be moving towns, so I want to catch up before they go. Luckily for my cardiovascular system my friends live 15 kms away, so I will have my daily juice of sunshine and movement.

My past week has kept me busy as usual. I am helping a friend (who is also a student) to create a Job Club for the Korean students that her company looks after in Cairns. We have incorporated readings about developing a business plan and organising a small business into our daily English speaking classes. How’s that for efficient!

I am plugging away with my TESOL course and am confident that by Tuesday I will be half-way through~ yeah! Already I am including my new knowledge into the Free English Talking sessions with the Korean students and my online Skype EFL tutes.

The garden is blooming, though a naughty rat ate my first eggplant I have managed to find one or two cherry tomatoes. Early in the week my neighbour shared her marigolds with me, so I have scattered the seeds ev—-er—-y—wh—er—e— I shall create my own lil’ India

This week also saw me touching base with another small business home-based operator ( We coordinated our times for this week’s outing to network. We will be attending the Indigenous Festival to be held in the garden area of our city~ it will be great and moving I am sure.

And my mummy-preneur sister Allison ( is busy busy collaborating with local non-gov orgs to apply for an Arts grant to run a program for pregnant youth. I will be working on the application later today~ phew~ it’s great to have a full inbox!

Ok, so the birds are singing and the sun has come up, I can move around more without bumping into things (I avoid florescent lights). Time to water the veggies, brekky and coffee, and finish some online housekeeping before peddling toward the mountains.

Share how you will spend your day…?

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