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Carnival at the Sea of Academia: Part I

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Dip your toe~

Who would have known that so much is written about higher education? This month’s Carnival for Personal Study Instruction is full and overflowing with:

  • Study Tips
  • Interesting Research Updates in the fields of; psychology, social work, education, nursing, management, HR, communications & counterintelligence and other security.
  • Mobile apps for study and assignments
  • Other Academic Resources
  • Motivation & Inspiration to navigate work-study-life balance
  • Other Health Tips for Tertiary Students
  • Professional Development Resources
  • Careers Heads-Up

Come visit my Blog Interview or Twitter Interview Transcript, on Nov 2nd, 2009, with Cindy King (International Sales Trainer for Cross-Cultural Skills)

The experience was so much fun. I am truly surprised that I managed to juggle the set of tasks to allow the interviews to take place. Internet tools like Skype, Twitter, YouTube, blogs really do enhance engagement with an activity. And they can be sources of income orientated around a student’s academic and life goals. Hence, promotion of mine and Cindy’s values, targets and portals of info.

Integrating Technology and WikiEducator are two places I have been developing my collaborative

e-learning skills. There is a Social Networking Conference for Educators on 5th of Nov, 2009. Programs can be downloaded in pdf format. Speakers and forums across 3 days (until the 8th). See you there!

I have also just received info from Open Universities Australia (OUA) about a postgrad degree for academic teaching. Distance ed appears to be a growing option for many across the globe. Family-stable income and personal fulfillment are common goals for tertiary students. For myself, I enjoy the flexibility of studying at the times and locations that suit me. And of course that I could be eligible to defer payment (thanks Gov.) or at least pay of the subjects.

Ok~ now to some fantastic and exciting blog posts from across the globe. Higher Ed and Mobile Resources are fast becoming niche markets for those developing wares for collaborative and interactive education. Enjoy  ~:-)


General Study Resources

A detailed list of style guide resources for the MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE styles is a brilliant help from Nathan at Guide To  Online Schools. It includes resources written by universities, general online guides, and free works cited generators. It is an excellent tool for any student because it links to over 70 of the best resources on the internet.

Excellent~ a set of sites about How to: Find Free College Video Lectures Online presented by EduTastic

Reflective writing is critical for a 21st century professional. Blogging is one way to achieve critical reflective skills and communication practice whilst initiating dialogue on specific topics~ How fun~ Top 50 Blogs By Undergrad Students hosted by Knowledge Knuggets

25 Free Web Tools Every Student Should Use, which I am printing off now as a priority resource, from How To E-D-U

So very useful to save time searching is a list of online resources provided in the post, 100+ Google Tricks That Will Save You Time in School. A thank you to for this; convert units, Boolean Logic for searching for literature, calculator, research notes and heaps more.

Uber cool~ almost wish I had an iPhone myself to apply, 100 Best Free iPhone Apps for Educators, again from

Subject Specific Resources

Online Degree Programs also shares, 50 Terrific Tools to Connect With Other Homeschoolers Online

50 Free Open Courseware Classes for Architects presented by The Construction Paper

Especially for Journalism students, 100 Educational Twitter Feeds for Journalism Students by Online

50 Eye-Opening Women’s Studies Blogs at Online Degree Programs

100 Incredible Open Lectures for Math Geeks, again, over at

Knowledge Knugget is again helpful with,  Top 50 Blogs to Help You Apply for College

99 Best Blogs for Pre-Med Students blogged by LPN to RN Blog

Wellbeing and Academia

John at Highlife2b, inspires critical thought with Grab Missed Opportunities By Not Caring About the Outcome

David hosts Raptitude and shares a link to a free download e-book that he contributed to, Reasons to Hope. Read about it with, The Two Spells of Nausea That Changed My Life, and Other Reasons for Hope

e-book download

Inspiration Newsletter: working with children with behavioural extremes and parents/teachers themselves difficult to manage. Are you considering a career in youth care? This may be a monthly update that you appreciate at your Inbox. Along this vein of thought, Amanda Grayover at Learn2Buddies provides stories, games, vids, posts, networks to support and develop worker skills with children of high needs. At least in Cairns, Australia, the social health, care and education for this developmental stage, particularly male, is strong.

Pet Friendly Universities: 10 Colleges That Love Your Cat or Dog at

An excuse to use social networking to enhance collaborative learning, Online 100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom

Distance Ed posts about 25 Non-Traditional Universities You’d Love to Get Into

10 Truly Free Colleges that Don’t Charge Tuition again at

Really helpful read about The Online Postgraduate Degree Stigma at Accredited MBA Online

A complement to the post above is the inspiring 10 Famous and Successful Alumni of Online Colleges, providing much credibility to the distance ed option, over at Online University Data

101 Free Tools to Design Your Own Degree hosted by Online Classes

Other Reading

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