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Student Thought for the Day~

Artist visiting my den

It’s not that every artist is a special type of person; it is that every person is an artist.

- Anon

Creative stress control

Getting in touch with your creative side can be a boon for students at university and college. There is so much stress involved in academic life~ and then add to this your work-life balance~ your psych can get crazy!

Creative stress control can help you as a student by:

  • Clearing your mind of clutter
  • Externalising thoughts going round in circles
  • Make clear what may feel confusing
  • Give your mind space away from rational thought
  • Rejuvenate your logical thinking by giving it a mini-holiday
  • Help you to become motivated again
  • Remind you of what your goals are
  • Aid your ability to focus on the steps to success
  • Create a space for play and nonsense that is releases stress

Sounds great to me! What better way to put new knoweldge about psychology into practice then by applying it to one’s own academic life…?

Ways to get creative

Sunbirds, like the male in the photo above, along with their partners, create complex hanging nests whilst they themselves are upside down for most of the endeavor. Sometimes the “student life” can feel all topsy-turvey~ you too can regain some control by hovering within this world-upside-down chaos and creating something beautiful and functional from it.

- I keep colour pencils and paper on hand (recycled of course ~:-) and use them to doodle confused, angry or joyful feelings; to create vision images for my goals; mnemonics for remembering new knowledge; and for expressing in my dream journal when words just aren’t enough.

- Recently,  I have started to collect items for reuse and recycle art for my garden (and lucky family and friends).

- Mandalas have always been a favorite clearing tool for me

- Gardening has become my lifestyle passion for creation and sustainability

- Dance is another great creative outlet, I can let myself  go and move through stressors and express joys, and then bring myself back in again to a stable, balanced center.

Ecsta-She Dance Sessions in Cairns

In Cairns, local theatre professional and counsellor Velvet Eldred is hosting weekly ecstatic dance sessions for women (sorry blokes, it’s just Velvet’s focus at this time). Ecsta-She Dance (ecstasis, Greek: to move beyond Oneself) is an ancient movement practice revered as a meditation form to connect with the spirit and revitalise the body-mind-heart.

Ecsta-She Dance will begin again next Wednesday night (20th April) at 8pm-10pm at the Body Mind and Breath Yoga Studio on Spence St. $15 or $12 concession. Velvet can be contacted on 0438 218 839 or

Come join us!

What are your creative ways? How do you choose to de-stress?

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