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General Study Aid Links

Australian Student

By students, for students studying in Australia. A wealth of resources if you are after Employment, Free Classifieds, Student Information, there is a Forum and more!

Better Education Australia

“Better Education Australia is a free online community for parents, schools, tutors, music teachers, coaches, students and anybody else involved in learning and teaching. Our aim is to build a bridge between all those who are interested in education. Enjoy our fully search-able database.”

Cookie Madness

A student must look after themselves~ and that includes treats!

Elearning Database

Free Library

Go Get Papers

For lecture notes, tutorials, research papers and student essays.

Google Student Blog

A great resource by Google, with helpful information on a variety of topics related to studying.

Great Grades Guaranteed

“I’m just an average guy who learnt how to do well in school by using good study habits and learning how to take tests better than everyone else.”

Life Goggles

Joel provides a wealth of resources and reviews on living green; ecological theory has crossed over to the social sciences so take the opportunity to practically apply those theories~ and save our “civilised” species from extinction at the same time.


A fantastic site to develop your personal and career problem-solving and motivational skills.

National Research Writing Month (NaReWriMo)

Why write alone when you can get input and share your insights with others; dissertations, theses, research papers, and academic articles.

Study and Learning Skills Online

Charles Darwin University (Australia) shares some valuable study aid resources. Included is a Self Assessment~ quality.

Talking Point

Joey Asher provides a rich source of public speaking and presentation tips and resources that focus on connecting with your audience.

Think Simple Now

Even uni students need inspiration and motivation about how to keep going and overcoming disappointments.

Time Management Tips for College Students

“This website is dedicated to students for information, tips and resources for managing time at college and schools to balance study, work and fun to get most out of the day.”

The Olinsider

A student blog with great content and insights to the life of a student.

The World of Office

“The World of Office Tips, Tricks and Tutorials.”

The World of Office, XP and Vista Tips and Tricks.

Wise Money Matters

A helpful site to help you get perspective on ways to manage money so that you can focus on your studies :-)

Uni Prep

Talk About Uni

An initiative of the University of Melbourne, this site is especially useful to first year students coming straight from high school.

Business, HR & Management Students

The HR Man

Administrative Arts

Education Students

Adrian Bruce

A wealth of resources, including how to use blogging to encourage learning.

21st Century School Teacher

“Nicole Welding – Just an ordinary classroom teacher–teaching middle school for nearly a decade…  Keeping my feet wet in education after an unexpected move to the desert.  I’ll  be sharing teaching ideas and my thoughts on 21st century education.  Welcome!  I hope you can find some useful tools or inspiration on  my site.”

Collection of Rhymes

“Good morning, Good morning

Oh, how do you do ?

Thank you, I am very well.

I hope you are too.”

Dynamite Lesson Plans

“Damien Riley has been an elementary school teacher since 1997. He lives in the High Desert of California with his wife Sarah and their 3 kids…”

English and ESL Students

Australian Culture


Cairns man sharing stories and insights of the world from a local point of view~ there is a lot about fishing!

English Language

English Advantage

This week is dedicated to celebrating freedom of speech by reminding people of what happens when books are banned. Societies and communities that refuse to let people read suffer from stagnation.

Share and Smile

“Sudama Panigrahi…[last post] Position of Adverbs

Test Prep Centre

International Student Blog has a wealth of resources, I thought I would highlight this one here.

Nursing Students

Nursing 4 All

Run by my friend Nafi in Saudi Arabia, there are English and Arabic versions, providing articles, forums and more for nursing students.

The Ultralife of Student Nurses

“I’m a 2nd yr nursing student and I love blogging, business and adventures! ^_^”

Psychology Students


Must Read Psychology Books

A post on the Student Doctor Forum that is a rich vein of recommended texts. You will need to register to make comments on the forum.


As yet, I still am only just learning about this approach to meaning making. A wonderful site, full of historical referrals on the development of Fateanalysis, that cross-references other schools of thought, such as Psychoanalysis and Jungian Dream Work.

Emergency Services

Emergency Blog

A comprehensive site providing insight and resources for emergency services; police, military & disaster OSINT.

General Psychology

Understanding Human Behavior


The Linguistics List

Yah! A book review of approaches to the analysis of Linguistics (structure, function and meaning of language)


Here and Now 4 Angel

Visually and mentally a beautiful and insightful site about one woman’s creative and familial healing journey from a past of sexual abuse.

Positive Psychology

Use Positive Psychology

An insightful blog that digs deep into the theory and models of positive psychology, while developing a few of its own.

Unique Abilities

Ryn Tale’s Book of Days

A window into the life of a warrior princess (27 weeks premie) and her family~ really beautiful, and has one thinking more about how to use the psych skills in the wider community to enhance the quality of life of others.

Social Work Students

Journal of Political Ecology

“A peer-reviewed journal…encourage research into the linkages between political economy and human environmental impacts. It is provided free and supported by the Political Ecology Society (PESO).”

Cross-Cultural Education Sites

Online Education Bachelor and Master Degree

Parents of  Students Resources

Your Homework

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