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Reflective Journaling Literature

This semester in my final USQ course for my grad cert. in Tertiary Teaching and Learning Development the focus is on Reflection. Most higher education courses are avidly encouraging reflective journaling for students as part of the learning process. Here is a collection of literature to help you make a start, keep going and justify the point of it all ~:-)

A Guide for Writing a “Reflective Journal”

Guidelines for Preparing a Reflective Journal/Diary

Personal Illness Narratives: Using Reflective Writing to Teach Empathy

Promoting Inquiry Through Science Reflective Journal Writing

Reflection: Journals and Reflective Questions a Strategy for Professional Learning

Reflective Journal Help

The Learning Outcomes of an Online Reflective Journal in Engineering

Words and Wards: A Model of Reflective Writing and Its Uses in Medical Education

What subject of your course promotes reflective journaling? Do you have other links to share?

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    Journal Writing | Blogtalk: Learning More With Reflective Journaling Says:

    [...] emotional/spiritual journey. But reflective journaling also has broader applications. Char Paul, PSI Tutor’s, post on the use of reflective journaling in the study of literature points out that journal [...]

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    Journal Writing – just another ‘worksheet’? « Cooperative Catalyst Says:

    [...] Reflective Journalling Literature ( [...]

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    Not ‘Another Bloody Stats Text’: Free Open Access Statistics Textbook « Statistics & Research Design Tutor:Mentor Says:

    [...] ‘push’ you need to start apply stats in your daily life and writing about it in your reflective learning journal, to truly own and chart your course to success in [...]

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