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Weighing in on Standardized Tests

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Patricia over at Successful Teaching has posted her 2010 nominations for the Edublog Awards~ and PSI Tutor:Mentor is one of the nominees!!! Thank you Patricia.

One of her nominations is the thoughtful site, Learning is Messy which is well worth checking out if you are an educator, or in training to be one. This weeks post is, Another Education Analogy, which points to the  uselessness of standardised testing in acknowledging and making use of personal achievements:

Let’s get the best, accurate assessments that can be used not only to rate how we are doing, but help us improve learning BEFORE we use them too much to rate how education is doing. I wonder too if the education we will achieve by teaching to the current poorly designed tests is really the education we want or need? Just a thought.

Me wonders too.

What about you?

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