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Retrieved! First Sunday of November, 1431 (09/11/2010 )

Low key overcast day in Cairns, Australia. Quite breezy tho, I have the sneezes so me thinks something is in flower ~:-) Up at 7am so a bit of a sleep in~ good cause dreams were very active! Will write them out later.

Drank a glass of filtered water.

Checked emails with a hazelnut stove pot cafe (Rainforest certified, thanks Gloria Jeans; tsp local raw honey and splash of biodynamic/organic milk, thanks Mt Mulligan) and a pinch of cashews (unsalted, Woolies). No more cafe first thing in morning, do not want this to become a habit.

Did 5 mins of cardio with Samba Body, slipped into my Invisible Shoes (a must for every super hero) and ran for 5 mins to sister’s. Fed dog and did a rep of 30 incline push ups. Yoga stretch whilst scratching dog~ he likes this move ~:-)

5 min run home, drink of water, another rep of inclines…and stretch.

Yogurt + pulp from last juicing +pinch of cashews = brekky

Some work at PC whilst sitting on floor (must saw legs off table for ergonomics), core and leg stretches.

… is 40 mins since breakfast so making second cafe~ yah! Now to update my NaNoWriMo blog (first week in) and then pedal to city to do some office cleaning.

…Empty bins and dusting for two hours, reading break, empty bins and dusting for another 3 hours. Could not resist a couple of jelly lollies and three sweet biscuits, on top of the small apple juice perhaps too much sugar in one arvo. Two cup of vege soups and water throughout the cleaning spree.

Pedal home, what a gorgeous evenging, 6pm and still light out~

Two non-caged hen eggs for my omelet, some think slices of Parmesan, and handful each of organic rocket and Ceylon spinach. Season and munched. Glass of watered pomegranate juice. Methinks too much sugar intake today.

Will finish off with 10 mins of weights (4 kg) whilst watching TV, it’s 8pm so if only crap on will do my story writing till something good comes along. A glass or two of herb tea will get me ready for my dreaming (wild yam root, senna and horsetail).

What was your lifestyle activity today? Do you have a Samba-how-to link to share? (have started  the free Zumba on our city esplanade and need to catch up to the other 400 people who’ve been going regularly ~:-)

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