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A Higher Ed Selection for Monday

Star Wars: the exhibition
Image by David Durán Trejo via Flickr

I have discovered an interesting writer. He/She…? (Oronte Churm) reflects on the nature of research, claiming the process to be, “Something there is that doesn’t love easy knowledge.

Yoda insights aside~ the tale told is serendipic and meaningful to a student in higher ed because it provides a way of viewing answers that may initially disappoint us.

At the end of the day, research, like life, is about navigating obstacles and challenges in a way that allows you to follow a path with heart.

You can read Dancing With Widow X can be read over at Inside Higher Ed.

Also over that way is a reflective piece about discovering the qualities of leadership, in Lessons Learned, Now That It’s Overby Karen Gross.

Keeping a Journal presents the reflective element of self-discovery as a 10 minute exercise. Peter of The Change Blog encourages the writer to not judge what they are writing, rather to focus on the following through of this meditative exercise. As students, you should have plenty to write about ~:-)

Many workplaces will expect you to be able to critically reflect on your decisions and actions.  The business world promotes leaders who are defined as a person with the ability to think-back-on events or interactions, link observations to theory/models and use this knowledge to drive practical and meaningful change in the organsiation or wiser community.

Thus universities set Reflective Essay assignments. Why wait? Writing a daily journal for 10 minutes a day will hone your communication and integration skills. This will ripple out to other assignments placements or practicals you are doing.

Try it…I dare you~

Remember to share in a comment the usefulness of these sites to your study goals…

Participants Shout Out: Nicholas Brown’s (2009) Narrative psychology and hedonic subcultures. In action, JCU Cairns

Recognizing a Reflective Journal/Essay

Start a Learning Journal in 2009

Virtual Handouts

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