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Psychoneruoimmunology Presentations

Student presentations in psychology are not unusual. Cairns local Andrew Griffiths hosts Presentation Bootcamps
which provide a structure and ideas for narrative, particularly visual.

Associations between diet and other lifestyle choices is part of pscyhoneuroimmunology.

PNI amplifies the biopsychosocial approach to diagnosis, management and understanding.


What is the expected value and variance of…?

Today I am working with a stats student who is completing a science degree. As a tutor and mentor for those in the social science, I do find it beneficial to expose myself to Other Ways of Doing Something.

At the mo I am watching a youtube vid to learn how to calculate Mu and another way of working out a population variance, using general science formulas.

Fun! Scary! Not as overwhelming as I first thought. Phew ~:-)

Expectation of Variance

Binomial distributions of a random variable (n, p).

Expectation, Indicator Random Variables and Linearity.


Is Psychology a Science?

Tutor work in psychology and stats this semester will include reviewing materials to argue that psychology is a science. To do this, remember that we also need to know what it is not.

Is psychology a science?

Psychology is a science.

The Science of Psychology.


The Psychology Lab Report

As a psych n stats tutor I read many a lab report. Following are some resources I gathered this evening, that aim to help you to enrich your critical writing and descriptive skills when writing a psychology lab report.

Note in the first video that APA 5th formatting style is used. Currently APA 6th is the required.

Also, I disagree with Stewart’s advice to students to not be explicit about random/non-random sampling used. How do you and I know, that you actually understand what you are saying by random, if you do not state it (with citation and date).

How to Format a Lab Report (Tables)
Note that the Chemistry Lecturer does not align with APA 6th criteria. So, use the tips and tricks for creating Tables to align with APA expectations.

Lab Writing Tips is great as it provides sets of questions to be answered, and so each section of the lab report gets written. Then all you need do is flesh it out with evidence for examples etc.

Again, remember that APA 6th formatting style is what is expected of you as a student of psychology.


Depression and Mania: Hillman’s theory applied

To Do The Work, we accept that “we are all scandals”.

Undo the words; let go the Ego-always-awake.

Language of opposites. Black and white are not opposite
Arbitrary categories are mistakes in thinking.

The language of psychology is imagistic, pre-logical, pre-dialectic, poetic (Hillman, 2014).

Phantasy as imaginative activity. Natural. Dreams are prior to thinking. Psychic life. Emotional vitality expressed in figures and forms.

The true language of psychology expressed in The Red Book (Jung, 2009).

What is the form, phantasy of the emotion? Elaborate.
Not to not have it.

Profoundly personal is not just childhood.Not my personal experiences; subjectivism is a reflective of the profoundly collective~ universals.

“Engagement with own demons. Visit to hell. Intimate, deep, profound, completely surprising, individiualised…encounter with one’s Soul” (Hillman, 2014).

–> What You Life Priorities Really Are

“Being Lived” rather than “Being” with Resistance.


Allowing phenomena to speak for itself.

Heretics belong within the church, they have an important role. Mark 34: does not Reflect the multi-facetedness of Life. Images are voices. Messages. Ignored become daimons.

Western culture has great difficulty accepting Death. Permeability and flow, voices and images on a daily basis as a relationship with The Ancestors, is ignored. Becomes A Horror.

What’s the phantasy now? Not childhood.


Incorporation of Indigenous/First Nation Peoples rituals and cautions for living with The Dead, with impeding Death.

Daimon caution what not to do (Socrates,  470/469 – 399 BC).

Images are Companions that get us through; not meaning to a situation.

Psychological method needs to incorporate myth. Int he West particularly, Greek myth. Synchronistic. Myths in our behaviour, what we see as Reality and daily life.

Human mess is linked to myth; our historical culture.

What did you get from this seminar…?


Close Reading Continues: Communicating signs from the sky

Thanks for the inspiration, Birds are like metaphors referenced in
Harvard Extension Classroom, Ancient World Lectures.

wren metaphor freedom

<3 Mum


Dare Greatly: Shame the door to deep waters

Men, 3 Ideas That Will Change Your Life (free pdf)


CBT Techniques for Depression: MoodGYM

I was vising the Welfare for JCU Students page at the Student Association portal, which directed me to MoodGYM



Template Thesis/Dissertation Structure


Template for a Dissertation/Thesis (thx Ohio University)

Another great resource I found is Bob Penman’s page at the University of Texas.


Statistics Tutor Jobs with Luvo Learn

I’ve applied for a tutoring job with Luvo Learn, you can too!



Academic Literacy: Write about it

Stream your writing with a dip into Helen Sword’s world of academic critique.

She shares her writing principles and promotes a few sentence- structure tools, to aid communication of Meaning.

Read more here…


Absent Father Hunger

Face Blind is a metaphor used by Jack at Father Code to communicate UnAwareness of Anothers.




What’s Your Demographics? Confounding and Controling

Demographics of participants enables identification of potential confounds, as well as noting variables that may control outcomes.

A wealth of background characteristics exist for each participant. So, your literature review will include scoping other’s designs for demographics collected, commented upon or ignored.

e.g., A study of refugee children requires attending to demographics specific to the topic, such as trauma and family support, as well as general demographics such as gender and age. Khoo

Alternatively, investigation of the demographics of happiness yielded the conclusion that, “… some of us are happier than others, and this variance helps to paint a portrait of the kind of people Americans are”.


Further reading about the importance of demographic data on participants can be read here:

The Importance of Participant Demographics

Demographic Research (online journal, free access)

The importance of socio-demographics in online surveys

Share your resources in a Comment~

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