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APA Tips #1

stats blog


Error Bars Quiz #1

error bars

Using error bars

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Where to Start with Your Research Proposal? Here’s a Free Template

A frequent question I get as an academic tutor is how to create a research proposal. I’ve included a link to my free template here. Always a great place to start, to get the flow of the process.

It’s almost like the final research report, only you haven’t gathered the data yet. You simply want to justify why you do, and how you will go about it.

hey girl research

The Research Report is necessary for an Ethics Committee to ensure safety and no harm to participants; and that any invested funds will be value for money.

Template: Research Proposal #1

Let me know your feedback on this resource.

Buy Me a Coffee


Research Adventures with My Mum~~~

Well, it started as an adventure this morning after coffee together. Mum is visiting from the Gold Coast and we caught up amongst her busy schedule with the rest of the family.

Microfishe (microfilm), we needed to find back issues of an insert in the Weekend Post here in Cairns.

Machine located at a local library, Mum and I made our way. Planning ahead, Mum ensures I have my library card, much more up to date than her decade old one.


My Mum, at a different and beloved machine. Always adventuring~

The librarian was incredibly helpful with directions, attempting to secure the working machine for Mum (there were two), however that bloke was on a research roll himself.

The Heritage section of the library houses past newspaper publications, amongst other cultural artifacts. Four pcs are dedicated to family history research, of which I had no interest as I sat waiting for our access to a film viewer. Instead I scoured the uncatalogued for a Beatnik Manifesto book I’ve read twice, and cannot find!

Ok, so no film machine. We did get to spend time together, and to pay Tribute and Gratitude to the bats and the nursery tree.


The story is about helping each other out to achieve a goal, especially one that appears daunting at first. A friend in need and all that.

Identify information that is needed to enable a goal. Determine tools and people resources required, the skills involved. Timing. And make sure an expresso coffee brew is under your foots.
It would have been of benefit for me to have had a stick on me too. My bad.

Be polite to those who help, and who seek to be kind.

Be kind in return.

What are your research adventure tips n tricks?




Crocodile Dream

Across my Dreams, I have found crocodiles to be Protective.

Lightening fast realisation within the Soul; This is Not What You Want.

Reptilian bridge of Shadow and Cold in the sunset sail across seas and reefs
of Fear, Awe and Loving Kindness.


Being taken for granted? Unappreciated? Is the gateway a gilded cage?

Enabling severing and change of old social ties. Creating social bounds and shaping behavioural choices (Mary von Franz 2h: 28m)






How to Know If I Know, What I Am Talking About

Today I txt off a survey question to my student clients: What did you consider pre-purchase?

One response was to consider the knowledge and skills that I do have. For this particular student, face to face discussion was enough to satisfy her of my capability to help her.

Surprisingly, not many students ask for my cv.
Amongst those that do tho, the majority actually go on to ask me to do their work for them.

Go figure.

So, I am updating my About page to include skills and competencies with some relevant work history.






Psych n Stats Tutor Testimonial update

I was completely overwhelmed when I first started out in my Psychology Degree. Meeting Char has given me confidence that I can achieve my goal! She understands where my weaknesses lie, she is patient, encouraging and supportive when I have moments of doubt.   Her feedback on assignments is invaluable and I am learning so much at a manageable pace.  In a nutshell….I couldn’t do it without her!
~ L.P. FNQ



Monday Morning Tunes


Lifespan Development Resources

Students studying Lifespan Development this semester have a rich source of resources to draw from online.

I have been using Hootsuite to explore trending topics on my Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn streams.

Getting one’s craft on is a definite plus for Critical Conceptualisation and Reflection, Visualisation and Communication of interpretations.

One group of uni students in the USA stamped it up with Lifespan Scrapbooks.

Summaries of theories and approaches can be downloaded and read over at StuffSpec

Create and share on Quizlet


Companion text book sites, for summaries, multiple choice and flashcards, short essay and other learning resources.

Hop over to Youtube and Powtoon to make your own funtastic vids and animations. Your homework could help others! (email me if you’d like to Guest Post and earn with an Affiliates banner to host your piece).


Hootsuite putting the Social in Study Support

I just signed up for Hootsuite‘s 90-Day Higher Ed program; the use of social media to enable and encourage my learning.

The dashboard confused me ~:-) And I am going to watch some of the provided Webinars (videos) to make the most of the freebie resources the suite provides. I think the site has potential to aid in better study experiences for academics. Especially for the linking of material to relevant examples.

Alrighty, I just clicked on their startup guide. Come join us to navigate the site and to put its resourcefulness to full use at the tertiary level.



Visual Evaluation of Research

As psychologists, we are continually Evaluating information that we encounter. Interpretations are often written up as a report.

A report requires visual delivery of collated and analysed information. This makes it easier for The Reader to evaluate another’s interpretation of an event or phenomenon.

The LEAP Evaluation Visual Summary is a clear, concise and engaging evaluation (report) of Oxfam activities around leadership and poverty alleviation. The report was commissioned by Oxfam to Intelligent Measurement (the evaluators); stats in real world context.

global progress


Research Design: The Experiment

Research design is a large part of psychology and statistics studies. Measuring effect via The Experiment requires application of Critical Reading, Thinking and Writing (Design).

Assumptions must be met, or logically justified when negating.

Controlling for Extraneous and confound variables.

Randomnessness and Probability/Potential.

Cause –> Effect

Research Design: Experiment (Youtube playlist)


Limitations in Research Designs: Selection bias

As a psych n stats tutor:mentor , I get to evaluate a lot! of research designs. All designs with have some error (Chance) present. And this is ok, good and natural.

Depending on how we control and implement our design, a proportion of error/Chance, can be accounted for.

When critiquing a journal, attending to the Limitations section of the Discussion can be very informative.


Selection Bias

The sample is not representative of the wider population from which it is drawn. For example, ethnic/gender/age/ability/SES representations are not considered (undercoverage).

Or those who voluntarily respond to a callout for participation, are a different group to those who choose not to participate.

Non-response to a survey or parts of a survey, can also exclude groups and lose the real-world context of the study.

Non-random selection of a sample is also a cause of bias. Missing data is a problem. It is not unusual for the missing data to be estimated from the surrounding data, and used as regressors.


Internal and external threats to validity.

A bivariate scatterplot provides visualisation of patterns which are linear or not.


The Journal of the Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology

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