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A Network Hive (Portal) for Social Service Providers in the Cairns Region. My wishlist

networking, pooling and exchange of resources, up-to-date where when and what of activities and programs.

strengthening community resilience thru critical reflective practices, transparency and accountability in the delivery of social welfare and justice services

This Portal provides an up-to-date-as-possible Calendar page, links to an abundance of social and material capital to enhance Community, and Forums for you to subscribe to. Community Resiliency~ Let’s get more done. Feedback, volunteers administrators, tech support and content and marketing crews welcomed. Contribute to our Wishlist and help us to stay self-funding A small-biz start-up initiative of Reuse and Recycle, Cairns Inc.

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Sustain: Krafty Recyclable Parties & Workshops

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Mandala Goal Posters: A Vision Quest Approach

Remaining focused on personal, career and other socio-environmental goals requires some clarity about steps involved, and their navigation. Creating your own mandala is a way to achieve this. Envision your goal and all that it contains, including space for the unknown and unforeseeable.


Mandala Colour Ins

The Goal in the Mandala (Lesson Plan)

How to Grow a Mandala


Macropractice of Community Capacity Building

Communities collective ability
to navigate shared challenges, disappointments and set-backs. To leverage positive community life.

  • ecological, strengths assets, partnership and empowerment.
  • sociology, urban planning, psychology and social work.
  • community based approaches to social and economic change (ix)

What is Community Capacity? What is Capacity Building?


Community Hub: How Leasing Criteria Met?

Mooroobool Power for Solutions has reached out to the Taskforce for Safer Streets and a discussion group is hoping to meet this week. The Women are asking for a MBL Community Representative on the Taskforce.

Can QPS demonstrate that they meet the 4 Criteria for Leasing from Dept of Housing?

Socially Sustainable
Administration and Governance; we ask How will QPS meet community needs?
: We ask How are these needs being identified and measured?
: At present, no member of the the MBL Community sits on the Taskforce, the QPS appointed management committee

Community Support
:No community engagement was taken to support the QPS application for a lease.
: The Council run Info Session in July insisted on Demonstrated Community Support, they suggested a survey.

Economic Sustainability
: How will the QPS source its income for the proposed Hub?
: Repeatedly emphasised at the Info Session, Ngulpa Ngulpa (or other lessor) is expected to bring in an income to
support the lease.
: Mooroobool Power for Solutions (MP4S)Community Group has adopted a Learning Organisation business model to complement their Community Capacity Building approach.
: MP4S has initiated discussions for a MBL Market Day once a month, utilising carports of residents to garage-sale second hand, handmade items and garden products.

Environmental Sustainability
: How does QPS propose to meet this goal?
: MP4S has organsied a Volunteer Garden Maintenance group for
the area; sourced garden care tools, storage and maintenance person; initiated planning for a community garden.
: MP4S has initiated planning for creek cleanu and on-site skips once a year (carrying over from Thelma Spelta).
: MP4S has established recycling workshops and fundraising Activities at the Centre.

Comparison Scorecard coming up ~:-)


‘Welfare Centre’: Empowering Community Capacity Building?


The Mooroobool Community (MBL) are coming together under the leadership of
the volunteer Community Group, Ngulpa Ngulpa Women’s Wellbeing Group.

Their primary concern is: Not Being Invited to Conversations about Themselves
Like the renaming of a Cultural and Community Wellbeing Centre…
…to Welfare Centre.

They want to know why community capacity building is not being actioned;
if they are not at the table, it is not capacity building.

Words are Angels.



Resistance to Mooroobool Power for Solutions


I have requested that Community Development of Cairns Regional Council conversations with myself take place via email, to formalise and legalise the content.

Yesterday I was Treated Unfavourably- Differently to Others, by an upper management staffer; she accused me of ‘twisting’ information (I presented documented facts) and of being ‘mischeviousness’ (I had cited a specific Council Policy Section re. Anti-Discrimination values); “to preerve dignity and equality”.

I doubt others are treated as I was on the phone, hence all calls will now be recorded and I have nominated email for future interactions.

The Anti-Discrimination Commission has let me know how I have grounds for a personal compaint, and that the Ngulpa Ngulpa Women’s Wellbeing Group leading MBL Power 4 Solutions, also has grounds for indirect and indirect Discrimination. And that was before the phone call with the asaid manager.

I was told on the phone that CD has, “never said they cannot have a key” and agreed that a time could be organised for a key to be signed for. Awaiting the Key Holder to reply to email/phone messages, only made late Friday arvo.


The manager asked, “so they will pay the bond and the key deposit?”

CD waived the bond when they approved the application, there was only to be a key deposit.

Key pickup was moved from the neighbouring suburb of Manoora (where others last week picked up the key), to 7kms away, the Council Chambers.

When transport issues were raised by me, CD decided that they would open and close the Centre for the Women.

Paternal. Discriminatory. Impractical.

How to set into action Professional Practice Values where personal paternal agendas are devalued?


Community Mentor Role Models


Engaging Community with Tredlys


What you see here is more than a bike repair station. It’s a Community Engagement Station called Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop.


Daily Crsspp-ies Gazette

You can subscribe to this daily email resource to access up-to-date best practices,, debates and innovations in the news for social service providers.


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Vol QLD Resilience Week


This week is also Resilience Week! Volunteering Queensland has a host of resources. I highly recommend the Resilience Leadership workshops.

Resilience Week 2013
Here at Volunteering Qld we’re getting ready for this year’s RESILIENCE WEEK which will be held on the 13-20 of October. As a part of our preparations we have updated the step up project pages and added a range of additional resources including:
•             “Disaster Ready Communities”
•             “Disaster Readiness Index”
•             “Business Readiness Index” –
•             “Ready Qld” –
•             “Be Prepared” –
We have also updated the Resilience Leadership Project page and added an online form where the Alumni of the Resilience Leadership Project can update us on what they are up to, what projects they have been working on and how they are continuing to contribute to the resilience of their local community.
If you went through the Resilience Leadership Project or if you’re a community leader working on building local resilience than please share your story with us so that we can continue to promote, advocate and celebrate the important role community leaders play in building grass-roots resilience.
You can find this online form by following this link:  We will be profiling and promoting these stories throughout Resilience Week so keep an eye out and stay connected during Resilience Week 2013″

National Nutrition Week, Oct 13-20th

nutrition week

Check out other social celebrations across this week on our Calendar page.

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